What Customers Are Saying

“When my wife and I saw the Amazing Dog Stopper, I thought it would never work on our dog. He weighs almost 50 pounds and is part German Shepherd. My wife and I put it on Max and opened the front door. As always, Max shot right out. Almost immediately we saw the pendant descend and bump against his leg which made him slow down and then stop. We could see Max was trying to figure out what was going on. Then, he started to run again. Immediately the pendant descended again and bumped up against his leg and Max stopped running. This went on four more times until finally Max gave up and started walking with us rather than running away from us. The Amazing Dog Stopper is terrific.”
-Sebastian, Ocala, FL
“At first I doubted the Amazing Dog Stopper because of our dog. He's a very high-energy Pug mix that always runs and rarely returns when we call him. But the Amazing Dog Stopper did stop him from running away. Every time he tried he became confused by the pendant coming down and stopped to investigate. I believe this will give us the time we need to finally train our dog not to run away from us.”
-Stephen, Floral City, FL
“I took my dog "Buddy" outside to see how the Amazing Dog Stopper actually workes. At first I let him go and he ran immediately. I then put the Amazing Dog Stopper on his collar. He tried to run and when the dog stopper came out, he stopped as if to say "what is this thing bothering me"? I reacted by saying to myself, "Wow it works"!”
-Patty, Inverness, FL
“I had heard about the Amazing Dog Stopper from a friend but could not figure out how it could make my dog stop running away from me when I took her out for a walk. I decided to give it a try, and it worked exactly as explained. Now, when I take Daisy for a walk, I attach the Amazing Dog Stopper and Daisy walks with me instead of me constantly chasing after her. I still don't understand how or why it works but it does and that's good enough for me.”
-Kathy, Crystal River, FL